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We believe that each child has God-given potential that must be nurtured.  Research shows that interventions in the lives of children before the age of five can break the cycle of poverty; if interventions do not take place in this critical window, potential can be lost.  We focus on maximising children’s school-readiness and learning capacity; the earlier one can intervene, the greater the potential for increased learning capacity later in life. 


Although the programme and other tools are important, the approach of the educator is the most critical element for successful interventions in children’s lives.  AmazingBrainz provides training and mentoring for educators in pre-schools, helping them to realise the impact they have in the lives of children in their care, as well as day programme and operational training.  Interventions build teacher’s capacity, skills and facilitate their growth. 


Impact in children’s lives spills over into the households they are part of.  Community Development interventions directly impact households in the community, benefitting parents, educators and children, and eventually the community as a whole. 


Pre-schools are hubs through which whole communities can be benefitted.  Educators and parents are members of the communities in which they live.  As these adults are equipped with new knowledge about the importance of early childhood development, subtle changes take place, in their households and eventually their communities, in how they view children and the future.  Facilitating health and social development interventions also provide support at every level and impact the community as a whole.

Nurture a child, raise a community

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