Eleven essential principles govern the AmazingBrainz philosophy and provide essential support to the implementation of AmazingBrainz products:



Beginning at conception, the brain builds upon itself.  This development is purposeful and programmed.



Social, emotional, nutritional and healthcare-support ensure a safe incubator for early childhood brain development.


Toxins, such as alcohol and chronic stress, are major inhibitors of early childhood brain development.


Firstly parents, then caregivers and teachers are central to early childhood brain development.


Optimal brain development depends on three essential interactions:


(1) interaction between a child and the parent,

(2) interaction between a child and his peer-group, and

(3) interaction between a child and his environment.

Brain development is enhanced when parents raise children in an environment filled with new possibilities and hope for a better future.


Play’ and individualised support promote optimal early childhood brain development.


The brain is programmed to develop through various stages; for this reason, it is critical to provide a stimulus-rich environment that is age-appropriate.


The ‘learning’ brain should be supported and cultivated by providing conditions optimal for brain learning and memory formation.


The developing brain should be encouraged to enhance creativity through abstraction and metaphor.


As part of quality assurance, AzBz programmes are evaluated and reviewed on an ongoing basis.


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