Who we are

AmazingBrainz is a registered non-profit company that has been working in early childhood development since 2006.  We provide practical and sustainable solutions to the huge challenges that children in southern Africa face in early childhood. 

Our multi-disciplinary team has developed specialised brain stimulation programmes for each age-group from 0 to 5-years-old in various contexts.  

We work with preschool educators in marginalised communities in formal preschools, informal preschools and playgroups, sharing knowledge, developing skills and encouraging creative problem-solving.  Our SmartTeaching programmes bring hope in a way that can have a sustained impact over the long-term.  

Of the 8.2 million children under 6 in South Africa, less than 50% receive some form of early learning programme, and the poorer the community, the lower this percentage (Statistics SA, 2016).  

Yet, research shows that investment in early childhood development yields the highest return of return on investment in human capital.  We are convinced that broad access to quality early learning programmes is vital to the future of South Africa. 

We believe in doing what we do with

  • Love and compassion

  • Integrity and trustworthiness

  • Excellence

Need more detail? 

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