Poverty robs people of the opportunity to develop human capacity.
This is nowhere more evident and devastating than in early childhood.
We build human capacity in at-risk communities to re-establish the equilibrium needed in the world.
Investment in
early childhood development
has been shown to yield the highest rate of return on investment in human capital development.

We work with preschool teachers in various contexts equipping them with the skills and tools they need most to  nurture optimal brain development in the children they care for.  

Age-appropriate, play-based learning, with tailor-made brain stimulation activities that encourage inquiring minds to reach their full potential.  

Impact investments measure the return on investment.

We monitor 619 milestones and 84 performance components to assess progress of children in our programmes, adjusting interventions according to individual needs, but also monitoring

trends and tendencies of early childhood brain development

data on various levels.  

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