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Sharing expertise between South Africa and the Netherlands

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

AmazingBrainz first came into contact with Play and Learn (PaL) of the Netherlands in 2016 when we were both involved with the same project in Mbekweni, Paarl. PaL is made up of a team of teaching experts in language and creative arts who work with school-aged children in the Netherlands to encourage language development and creativity (problem-solving). Although it is not our focus to work with school-aged children, we are repeatedly faced with the need that exists for support for children once they graduate from our programmes. Many of the sites we work with, also provide aftercare to foundation phase learners.

The values and approach of the two organisations are aligned, and we established a formal working relationship with PaL in 2019 to develop afterschool enrichment material for Grade R-2's collaboratively for the South African context. Initially we started with two sites in 2021. This year we have taken on 4 more sites, bringing the total up to 6 sites currently, with plans to expand even further in 2024. Our agreement also includes knowledge-sharing and short-term exchange visits. PaL has invited two of our team members to visit them in October 2023. This will enable us to learn more about how they implement their approach in their schools and also further cement our working relationship.

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